Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tryst with Hawkboard - Day 1

..Saurav brought one hawkboard last to last night..out of sheer adrenaline push amidst his fellow coleegaues and ordered me to book the 11-1 am slot for our"only new found love - Linux/Android".And whats the use w/o a hw board if linux has to be waken up ..so it came witha grand entry for INR ****..yeh it was close to four dgits.So worth head banging for such a time slot ..
What we did in this slot :

Our ijob was to connect the board with serial port and get it booted and see the hawkboard prompt on our host machine..that was our moment of glory..as if we had discovered America..
We had a serial to USB converter and we connected it on our laptop as our laptops doesn't supports the serial port(all it has was a good for nothing never usable VGA parallel port)We tried , get it connected , some baud rate and serial port configuration on the hyperterminal , some button pressing, we got nothinng....again some change in configuration here and there googling and found the same state...still nothing...we went to the another pre historic desktop and planned to give up the USB converter and use directly the serial cable ..and blaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....got the hawkboard screen display on hyperterminal....we feel ecstatic...now get it done on the USB serial converter on our laptop...
Opened minicom and set its port by .dev/ttyUSB01 and yes we were able to get it briught up using the serial port as well !!

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