Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Questions Compilation

here is my effort to compile few interview questions being asked in one of the susidiary of a top notch Phone making MNC..

Delegates in C#
uart baud rate y 115200, why these numbers why not some other..
udev, interface ..
hw/sw flow control in uart
programm to dlete a node, a loong node w/o any temporary variable
work queue, tasklets
system v ipc
send messg and post messge in system v ipc
pasing by pointer and refernce in c
where does the arguments of a funtion gets stored in memory (bss or stack)
why the irqs are diabled at boot loader stage
inhritance and polymorphism in c++, virtual functions, what is copy constructor and what is singleton class.
volatile?is it a storage class or compiler directive
way to pass signals in process
how the memory can be allocated in kernel w/o malloc,kalloc, vmalloc - ans get pages , oage level apis ,
mmap ??
memory map and io mapped io


how many times abc will be printed?what if fork is used three times
what is daemon , how it is created and destroyed, thier role
question aabout projects..
version of .NET , why 3.5 why not 2.0
win ce questions if you know
how many bits /per pixel were there in the monochrome lcd we use in the driver
whatis input sub sytem
what is proc file system , there use
what is /etc/fsstab what is /etc/rc.d used for, why ?
assembly level programmin , you know?what?where have you used?
synchronisation primitives
what is atomic_t variables
which is better mutex or atomic_t>?why?
what are spinlocks..
IDES used for development..
your interesets, i have written blogging
mobile phones,
what is the gps latitudde /longitude of bangalore??
what is almanac data in gps
output of ++*p, precedence of * over /....

1. ARM-- prefetch abort-- who sets the permission.. if processor, then why processor can't access the instruction

how the processor returns from supervisor mode to user mode. If user application calls system call to go into kernel mode, how the transition happens in ARM and how it gets back to user.

2. I2C-- The I2C core is currently handling i2c_write() from EEPROM and RTC is trying write on i2c bus, how the core handles this condition.

before i2c_write should it always check for bus busy, and wait in a while loop.
i2c adapter driver vs i2c client driver. Function calls in linux for both

3. LCD-- what are the layers in video linux,
what are the function calls in linux for LCD,
how the mapped memory from user goes into LCD controller.
how data from LCD contoller goes to user mode.
how LCD controller gets the video data from user.
if user calls mmap, how the kernel gets the arguments from user.
what mmap does.
In which part of the memory the user video data resides and where the kernel mapped video data resides.

4. What is the address space of linux kernel.

5. examples of volatile where u used it. how to use volatile in hardware registers, write the C code for it. how does ioremap() works. how the device register memory gets mapped into linux kernel address space.

6. Describe the boot steps. In which part of the memory the kernel resides. Which flash u used in your system. How linux boots from flash memory.

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