Sunday, October 31, 2010

IKU Design...Autonomous mode..


There is a big opportunity to extend messaging functionality onto S40 handsets and in emerging markets.The application aims to serve the business purpose towards this direction.The application aims at building the social networking via SMS.This could be later integrated with the Mailing services, once become a hit and the consumer response.More over CCA server can be merged into the OVI server which is integrating its services under a common unified umbrella – “Ovi”

Currently, there are two common modes of communictaion widely used amongst people, namely internet and mobile Phones. And, we can access the internet from our mobile handsets.

Current GPRS based service: Needs GPRS or GPRS activated/supported on mobile phones. Social networking sites aim at having the facility of GPRS facilites in the handsets, and needs an application which runs on WAP. GPRS is a mandatory requirement.

Proposed SMS based service: It doesn’t need GPRS always to connect with friends. All you need is a single SMS which will give you enough information about how many of your friends/acquaintances are in common with the new friend. This is an SMS based service.The size of the contacts which can be downloaded or sent from the server is much less than the WAP content.

It is a combintation of messaging server with one server application running at the server side and the client running at the Mobile device side.

With the advent of 3g/4gs evrytign is going to come on cloud and Mobile phones are going to be the best means to read through them.Going forward, inclusion of GPRS to this applicaton will make it more powerful as other contents like common music, pictures, maps and profiles can be accessed/Shared as well.

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