Tuesday, November 2, 2010

IKU - Dummy UI looks

Profile Id for assisted mode

In the assisted mode the contactor needs to know the contact number of the target which can be achieved by scanning for the Target’s profile Id which is the registered user for the CCA application, using BT.The scanning result will give the Profile ID which can be send to the CCA server for further processing. Target column on the UI shows the Profile Picture and the Profile Id column shows the Profile Id of the mobile owner, so that the contactor may come to know the profile Id of the Target which he can send to the CCA server.

Profile Id:

Profile Id is the uniquie Id for identifying the Phone using this application.

G(a,b,c) will be an algorithm which will generate a (profile Id) string Pattern which will have the information of Phone’s Profile.This will help contactor to identify the Profile Id of the target which he will send to the CCA server for discovering the common contacts.The contactor’s application will give him The UI shown above, with the profile Id of the target, which he will send to the CCA server.

G(a,b,c) =

a = Phone number

b = IMEI number

c = 48 bit BT MAC address

This is one proposal for an Algorithm:

The last 3 bits of component (b, c) and full 10 bits of Phone number are combined together and a string pattern is generated, which will be the profile Id and can be sent to the CCA server

e.g. if a = 919008025304

b = 354552017299159

c = 00:62:25:25:1A:4B

G(a,b,c) = 159-0A-4B-919008025304

The CCA server will then maps the profile Id with the profile Id in the database wether it is registered or not, if yes it will search for the corresponding number and send the result back to the contactor

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